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The Photo Graduates
2016 Already started good as I'm part of The Photo Graduates of this year. Eight recently graduated photographers from the Netherlands will exhibit their work the entire year (Bob Smith Gallery, WTC in Rotterdam and others to be announced).

About the series Villa Nova that will be exhibited:
Villa Nova is a shelter for the mentally disabled in Cape Verde. The institution, which provides care and shelter to 45 people, is runned by one paid employee and a number of volunteers. There is a relaxed atmosphere, but the disabled sleep on bare dormitories with bars on the windows. The supervisors do their best, but they are not trained in taking care of disabled people. Because the government doesn’t support a initiative as Villa Nova financially, there is no money for other personnel or things to entertain them with. The daily activities of a resident at Vila Nova is serving his hours in the sun in the backyard until he is sent back to his cell.

For more info click here.
Dutch Design Week - HOS
During the Dutch Design week a few pictures of me will be shown at the graduation show of the Design Academy Eindhoven.

"HOS is a manifestation of technology for reality – a trio of devices that enhance our perception of the world and ourselves. They amplify certain states of mind or ways of thinking by stimulating various parts of the brain."

I took some pictures for the project 'HOS' of Lucas Pinheiro Teixeira:

Click here for more information.
Exhibition 'Chambres de Schie'
In the weekend of 17 and 18 october my project 'Future People' will be shown during Chambres de Schie, part of photo festival Schiedam.

Future People is a project about the future of the avatar and how we will use these representations of ourselves in the future.

Click here for more information.
Exhibition 'Zomerzucht en Andere Verhalen'
From the 4th of july until the 8th of september my series ‘Villa Nova’ will be shown in the group exhibition 'Zomerzucht en Andere Verhalen' (Summertales and Other Stories) in TAC, Eindhoven.

Check out Facebook event page for more information here.
Future People - Like and Share
From the 4th of july until the 8th of july my graduation series ‘Future People’ will be shown in the graduation exhibtion of the AKV|St. Joost in Breda.Future People is a project about the future of the avatar.

Check out the website of Like and Share for more information.
De Fotoclub in gesprek
The 18th of june I will have a Q&A at the Melkweg Expo about my series Villa Nova.

Check out the event for more information here.
Exhibition de Fotoclub
From the 22th of may until the 28th of June my series VIlla Nova will be shown in a group exhibition from the Fotoclub ath the Melkweg Expo in Amsterdam. The photos of Villa Nova tell a story of a shelter for the mentally disabled in Cape Verde.

Check out the website of the Fotoclub for more information.
New Project coming soon!
Currently I'm diving into the world of online alter egos. Avatars.

The internet makes it easier than ever to create a second identity. Not only is it easy, it becomes more necessary too. Everything we say, post, have an opinion about online is being saved and can be tracked back to ourselves. We need a virtual name, a virtual body for our online life. People create avatars every day, but how will this develop in the future? In a few years the physical world will blend with the virtual world. How will this look like? Will the avatars become real people with their own mind?
Exhibition Unveil'd - Gents
Chosen by Young Shot to exhibit this photo of Megan Schoonbrood at Unveil'd, Bristol!
Clean Disposables - Online Now!
The disposables I shot for Clean Magazine are online now!                                                     
Check them here.
New Dutch Photography Talent 2015
Some very good news from GUP this morning:Dear photographer,

2015 already promises to be a fantastic year because we have good news for you. You have been selected for publication in the New Dutch Photography Talent 2015 book! The GUP editorial team had to choose out of more than 250 portfolios and you are one of the lucky 100.
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